Friday, July 4, 2014

59. Interview with Mark LaFlaur, Author of the novel Elysian Fields, Part 2.

59.  Part two of our interview with Mark LaFlaur, author of the novel Elysian Fields.   Mark's web page describes his novel this way: "Simpson Weems is a 36-year-old aspiring poet whose life has been on hold — to the breaking point. All he needs to fulfill his potential is to move to San Francisco, but he’s torn between his long-held dream of being a great artist and obligations to his aged, ailing mother and his emotionally volatile brother, the all-demanding Bartholomew. Will someone in his family have to die before he can get to California? And how might that be arranged?"  In addition to discussing his novel, we discuss his other writing, especially his writing on his blog Levees Not War.  Mark has generously allowed us to cross-post some of his articles on the Louisiana Anthology.
  1. This week in Louisiana history.  July 9, 1706 Iberville died of Yellow Fever
  2. This week in New Orleans history.  Smiley Lewis (July 5, 1913 – October 7, 1966) was an American New Orleans rhythm and blues musician.
  3. This week in Louisiana.  July 10-13.  San Fermin in Nueva Orleans. The main event of the four-day fete of food, music and entertainment is El Encierro, the New Orleanian homage to the bull running in Pamplona, Spain. Big Easy Roller Girls pursue runners with plastic bats and horned helmets through the streets of downtown New Orleans. Registration and packet pickup is at the Sugar Mill; other events take place in various venues. 
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