Friday, August 25, 2017

223. Tanya Erzen on "God in Captivity"

223. We interview Tanya Erzen about her book God in Captivity, focusing on religion in Louisiana prisons and jails. It is by now well known that the United States’ incarceration rate is the highest in the world. What is not broadly understood is how cash-strapped and overcrowded state and federal prisons are increasingly relying on religious organizations to provide educational and mental health services and to help maintain order. And these religious organizations are overwhelmingly run by nondenominational Protestant Christians who see prisoners as captive audiences. God in Captivity grapples with the questions of how faith-based programs serve the punitive regime of the prison, becoming a method of control behind bars even as prisoners use them as a lifeline for self-transformation and dignity.
  1. This week in Louisiana history. August 26, 1895. 'Uncle' Earl Kemp Long born.
  2. This week in New Orleans history. August 26th, 1992 (Andrew): Andrew, a major hurricane, slammed into South Florida on August 24th before striking the Louisiana coastline August 26th. Seven people died and 94 were injured across Southern Louisiana during Andrew. Winds reached hurricane force from Lafayette eastward to the Atchafalaya
  3. This week in Louisiana.
    "I'll Be Your Medicine" new sculpture and video works by Marta Anna Rodriguez Maleck and Local Honey. (User Submitted)
    Friday, September 1 - Saturday, September 2
    12:00 PM - 5:00 PM CST
    Venue information:
    Good Children Gallery
    4037 St. Claude Ave.
    New Orleans, LA 70117
    Admission: Free
    New sculpture and video works by Marta Anna Rodriguez Maleck and Local Honey.
  4. Postcard from Louisiana. Bruce interviews Laura Janelle McKnight about her reporting on crime in New Orleans.
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