Friday, May 27, 2016

158. Anniversary Episode

158. This is the 3rd anniversary of the Louisiana Anthology Podcast, and the 4th episode of the Louisiana Anthology. Bruce and Stephen discuss our major mileposts over the last 4 years. Starting with one story, "Posson Jone,'" our anthology has grown to over 6,000,000 words. It includes works from every period of our history, from the earliest explorers and native stories to recent blog posts. We have material from the many ethnic groups, languages (English, French, Spanish, and Creole so far), and regions of our state. We also include the widest varitey of genres: poetry, fiction, history, essay, blog post, cook book, travelogue etc. Our podcast includes interviews with historians about important events in our past as well as artists about their current works. We even interview political figures like Gov. John Bel Edwards.
  1. This week in Louisiana history. May 28, 1818. P.G.T. Beauregard born in St. Bernard Parish.
  2. This week in New Orleans history. May 29, 1948.  The Streetcar named Desire ran for the last time.  The famous Streetcar Named Desire, i.e., the Desire Line [which began operating on October 17, 1920], was a one-way loop which ran from Canal Street down Bourbon through the Vieux CarrĂ©, down Dauphine to Desire Street, then out its namesake street to Tonti, down to France Street, and back in to Royal, finally returning through the Vieux CarrĂ© to Canal.  In the process, it passed Elysian Fields Blvd., the site of most of the action in the famous Tennessee Williams play and movie.
  3. This week in Louisiana.
    Iberia Performing Arts League Presents, “Out of Sight, Out of Murder”
    June 2nd, 2016 - June 12th, 2016
    Essanee Theater
    126 Iberia St., New Iberia, LA 70560
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