Friday, April 8, 2016

151. Janet Bordelon, Part 1

151. Part 1 of our interview with Janet Bordelon about Jewish history in Louisiana. Janet Bordelon teaches Jewish history at Kehillah Jewish high school. She brings with her over 10 years of teaching experience at the secondary and undergraduate level. In 2014, Janet completed her PhD at NYU in 2014. Her research focused on church state issues in American history. Because of her connection to central Louisiana, she is especially interested in Jewish history regarding central and north Louisiana.
  1. This week in Louisiana history. April 9, 1682. Louisiana Territory is so named by the Sieur de La Salle who reaches the mouth of the Mississippi April 9 with a party of 50 men after descending from the Illinois River.
  2. This week in New Orleans history. April 9, 1904.  Sharkey Bonano was born.  Born in Milneburg in 1898, trumpeter Gustave Joseph (Sharkey) Bonano entered the world as Jazz was beginning to brew in his hometown. Sometimes compared to Louis Prima, he was known as a charismatic personality and a fine musician.
  3. This week in Louisiana.
    Natchitoches Jazz/R&B Festival
    April 15th, 2016 - April 16th, 2016
    Downtown Riverbank Stage
    Downtown Natchitoches, Natchitoches, LA 71457
    Downtown Riverbank Stage
    Two-day musical event with a variety of music from rock to soul; food vendors on the riverbank of Cane River Lake in Downtown Natchitoches, Louisiana. For more information visit or
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