Friday, February 20, 2015

92. Interview with Lee Estes, Part 2

92. Part 2 of our interview with Lee Estes, photographer from Monroe, LA.  "A resident of Monroe, Louisiana, for more than half a century, photographer Lee Estes is best known for his precise and extensive black-and-white documentation of vernacular subjects, especially architecture" (KnowLA). 
  1. This week in Louisiana history. February 21, 1882. The first Mardi Gras Parade in Lake Charles takes place.
  2. This week in New Orleans history. Wednesday, February 21, 1900
    First Electrically Lit Parade
    First Parade Held Before Lundi Gras
    The Krewe of Nereus
    "Sixteen gorgeous tableaux were mounted on regulation trolley trucks, the last and most triumphant scene representing the Era of Electricity. Four bands on trolley cars were interspersed in the procession. The parade was certainly a pronounced and undeniable success,' said the Times-Democrat. But the newspaper was alone in the opinion, and nothing like it ever again was attempted. The trolley poles reaching up through the decorations were monuments too modern for the medieval fete. Electric lighting had the same fixed and artificial incongruity as the trolley poles."
  3. This week in Louisiana. Blue Dog Comes Home
    January 15th, 2015 - April 11th, 2015
    Bayou Teche Museum
    131 East Main Street, New Iberia, LA 70560
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