Friday, September 19, 2014

70. Interview with Katherine van Wormer, co-author of The Maid Narratives. Part 1.

70.  Part 1 of our interview with Katherine van Wormer, co-author of The Maid Narratives.  She and her co-writers have traveled through Iowa interviewing African-American women who moved there from the South and worked as domestics -- maids, cooks, etc.  We focus on the women from Louisiana who moved there and discuss the ways their lives changed and the ways they didn't.  We especially talk about Irene Williams, who moved to Iowa from the North Louisiana towns of Springhill and Minden.
  1. This week in Louisiana history. September 20 1885 Birthday of pianist Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton in New Orleans, Louisiana. MORE
  2. This week in New Orleans history.
    "City of New Orleans" Writer
    Steven Benjamin Goodman Dies
    September 20, 1984
  3. This week in Louisiana.
    September 24-28
    Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival
    A midway of treats, games of chance, rides, shows of arts and crafts, flowers and photography. Admission: Free for many events. Cover charge for some dances. New Iberia, 337.369.9323.
  4. Battle of New Orleans  September 21, 1814. NO. XV.
    At a meeting of the committee of public defence on the 21st September, 1814,
    On motion, resolved, that a sabre, with a suitable inscription and proper emblems, be presented to major W. Lawrence, as a testimonial of the sense which is entertained of his skill and gal-, lantry in the defence of fovt Bowyer, and in the repulse of the enemy's squadron and forces before that place.
    Ordered, that the chairman communicate a copy of this resolution to major Lawrence, with a request that he will convey to the brave officers and men under his command, the expression of gratitude which is felt for the important service they have rendered to this state, as well as to the United States.   Edward Livingston, chairman.
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