Friday, August 22, 2014

66. Interview with Jason France (Crazy Crawfish), Part 2.

66.   Interview with Jason France (Crazy Crawfish), Part 2.  August 23,  2014.  We interview Jason France, the creator of the Crazy Crawfish education blog.  Jason is a former Louisiana Department of Education Employee and nationally recognized privacy and public education activist.  Jason is also running for a seat on the BESE board. You can also read some of his blog posts at the Louisiana Anthology.
  1. This week in Louisiana history.  August 26, 1895 'Uncle' Earl Kemp Long born
  2. This week in New Orleans history.  August 24, 1973.  John Schwegmann was in hot water for fighting a "milk war" between his grocery stores and the "orderly milk marketing law" also known as a price-fixing law. Schwegmann promised his customers rebates if the law was enacted.  The First Circuit Court of Appeals ordered him to cease what it interpreted as illegal acts.
  3. This week in Louisiana.  August 29-30.  Cane River Zydeco Festival and Poker Run Zydeco music, motorcycle events, dance contests and more.
    Downtown Natchitoches
    318.471.9960 or 318.652.0079.
  4. Battle of New Orleans. August 26, 1814NO. XII.  Head-quarters, Pensacola, August 26, 1814. Order of the day for the first colonial battalion of the royal corps of marines.
    are called upon to discharge a duty of the utmost danger, of the utmost peril. You will have to perform long and tedious marches through wildernesses, swamps and water-courses; your enemy from long habit inured to the climate, will have great advantages over you. But remember the twenty-one years of toil and glory of your country, and resolve to follow the example of your glorious companions, who have fought and spilt their blood in her service. Be equally faithful and strict in your moral discipline, and this, the last and most perfidious of your enemies, will not long maintain himself before you. A cause so sacred as that which has led you to draw your swords in Europe, will make you unsheath them in America, and I trust you will use them with equal credit and advantage. In Europe, your arms were not employed in defence of your country only, but of all those who groaned in the chains of oppression, and in America they are to have the same direction. The people whom you are now to aid and assist have suffered robberies and murders committed on them by the Americans. 
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