Friday, May 30, 2014

54. Interview with poet Errol Miller.

54. We interview poet Errol Miller.  Mr Miller was born in Montevallo, Alabama, in 1939. He’s lived in Louisiana since 1968. Errol has been published extensively since 1972 in hundreds of literary magazines. He is the co-winner of Spillway Magazine’s 1998 Call And Response Poetry Contest, and he is a featured writer in Poet’s Market 2000. Some of his recent collections are “Blue Rainbow Cafe,” “Literary Junkies,” “Magnolia Hall,” “The Drifter Takes Another Look,” and “4 Runners.” Errol Miller can be contacted at:

Errol Miller
P.O. Box 14693
Monroe, LA 71207
  1. This week in Louisiana history. On May 29 1948, the Desire streetcars stopped running.  No more Streetcar Named Desire. 
  2. This week in Louisiana.
    Oyster Fest 
    June 1-2, 2014
    We are putting together the best oyster restaurants in the city of New Orleans to deliver some outstanding dishes this festival year. Click the line-up for more info! See ya at the fest! 
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