Friday, October 14, 2016

178. Dr. William Green

178. We interview Dr. William Green. author of Doc, Did I Wake You Up? Do you ever wonder what a day or night in the life of a rural veterinarian might be like? In his book, Dr. Green tells stories about animals, their owners, and other unique characters that he encountered in his years of veterinary practice. You almost feel that you were present when the events took place. Animal lovers will enjoy the heartwarming stories, the humorous stories, and the almost unbelievable true stories about animals and their caretakers. Dr. Green talks about treating cats, dogs, and cows during the daytime and then skunks, horses, or elephants at night. Each day brought something different-most of which was unplanned. Needless to say, days and nights were long, and sleep came at a premium. When he did get a chance to rest he dreaded that middle of the night phone call that began with, "Doc, did I wake you up?" Dr. Green was a veternarian there in the small rural community of Dubach, LA, for 27 years. Since the mid 90's, he's been at Louisiana Tech as a professor and now as the director of the School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry.
  1. This week in Louisiana history. October 15, 1802. Spanish king Charles IV ordered retrocession of Louisiana from Spain to France.
  2. This week in New Orleans history. Nicolas-Ignace de Beaubois (October 15, 1689 – January 13, 1770) was a French Jesuit priest and missionary who joined the Canadian mission in Quebec in 1719. He obtained authorization for the Jesuits to open a house in New Orleans and to have a plantation near the city for supplementing their operation. Beaubois also arranged to have Ursuline nuns funded to establish a girls’ school in New Orleans. This became the first girls' school in the Mississippi valley, and it's still in operation today.
  3. This week in Louisiana.
    Blackpot Camp
    October 23rd, 2016 - October 27th, 2016
    Lakeview Park & Beach
    1717 Veterans Memorial Hwy,
    Eunice, LA 70535
    Lakeview Park & Beach
    This music camp provides an outlet for people to learn Cajun and other music from their favorite musicians, including hosts The Revelers and friends, along with artists performing at the Black Pot Festival. This year's lessons include a melting pot of activities including Cajun fiddle, accordion, guitar, Old time banjo, Swing jazz, & songwriting. Participants will also try their hand in Cajun cuisine taught by local cooks in a hands-on environment. Enjoy a loose, festive atmosphere that encourages extracurricular jamming and sharing of experiences among campers from all places and backgrounds. If you've never tried to Cajun or Square Dance, now is the time to take your cue from experienced instructors. All of the activities are in the spirit of fun! Create unforgettable memories with interactive experiences amongst other lovers of Cajun and roots music (including folks who don't play music at all!). After the preparations of Blackpot Camp, attend the Blackpot Festival October 30-31 at Acadian Village in Lafayette.

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